Love Me The Same 官方版 1080P — Jessica



Love Me The Same – JESSICA (제시카) 1080P 高清MV迅雷下载。Jessica《LOVE ME THE SAME》。Jessica 郑秀妍 西卡这个MV真的做的超级用心的,大自然赏心悦目,人美景美!
Music Video of Jessica’s “Love Me The Same.”
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Music Video Direction: Lumpens Production
Director: 최용석
Assistant Director: 고유정
Director of Photography: 남현우
Lighting Director: 송현석
Art Director: 조윤아

Lyrics by Jessica Jung

Composed by Jessica Jung, Eric (Vekz) Fernandez, Karriem (Kmack) Mack, Julien (Jdot) Cross
Arranged by Karriem (Kmack) Mack, Eric (Vekz) Fernandez, Jay Kim
Produced by Eric (Vekz) Fernandez
Co-Produced by Kmack of Rebirth Entertainment


Love Me The Same 官方版 1080P — Jessica

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